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Connect with your audience through inspiring visual storytelling.

Young & Creative

Video Production Company

Digital, the revival of creativity. The advertising power elite was challenged that day the major social networks have developed video tools. The overturning of rules and the anarchic insubordination of creatives is taking place and is available for all brands. The advertising democracy has just started.


We analyze your targets and identify the strategy to follow that must contain at least 3 videos up to a maximum of 10.

Doing so you will be able to cover most of the year with digital video content.

What We Do


Now that we have a creativity, our goal will be to optimize time and resources. For this reason it is better to shoot all the videos of the strategy in a few days, we can reach you at your company or ship your products to our office.

Recent history teaches that you can get  high quality videos with a much lower budget than before, the important thing is to tell a story.


It takes from 2 to 4 weeks before delivering the video files. The creators are quite touchy, but do not worry, if you wish to make any adjustments we will discuss it together.

Now you have a series of videos, one a month to reach your audience, spoiling those people who already know about your business and impress the new ones.

Ben Pace
Creative Director

Meet The Team

Umberto Denaro
Creative Director
Walter Rindone
Art Director
Uegene Zaozernikh
Claudio Melfi
Campaign Strategist

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